I hate numbers except 5.

As long as I remember, I always hated numbers. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 .. why must they invent these aliens? I think those who knows me well, know how suck I am with numbers, numeric, numerical, digits, those 1 2 3 + - sifir darab haa % satu lagi! 

The reason I took up law and Masscomm is because I 'thought' that numbers won't be in my dictionary. Maths and addmaths are the 2 most hated subjects in school. Economics and Accounts so-so lah but still never were my favorite. Never in life I favor those subjects. Unfortunately....... life is about numbers. I still had a few calculations during pre-law. Have it too during my Masscomm years. Even in the movie Taken 2, he was counting masa kena kidnap! the heck?!

And now, I'm doing my internship under marketing department which obviously involve numbersssszz. So, as I am now a "number lover", I relate things with numbers. Ok not all but number 5. My lucky number.

I like 5 because it look like an S. S for Sarah. But 5 is freaky. Sebabnya, if you think back kan, you'll feel the acah-acah dewasa feeling or that paranoid dah tua feeling. I don't know how to put this but still feel like writing on this, I have not write for years, don't really know how to put this. But here it goes..

Remember masa you were 5 years old? maybe most people have forgotten, but I remember. I feel like a 7year old kakak. 7 to me was old that time. When I was 5, I start to eat chili sauce. I had my sausages and nuggets with chili sauce. Dulu, makan cili sos tu dah macam kakak-kakak lah. So there, 5 is when everything started. 

5 years later..I was 10. Being in standard 3 dulu, was a big thing. Serious, sebab ada PTS. Walaupun i did not sat for it, but I felt so grown up. Tambah lagi dah jadi pengawas sekolah (percubaan), than 5 years after I was 15. 15 i was one spoil kid yang dah pandai nak bersosial mcm sial. I remember I really gave my parents a heart attack back then. When I was 15, I always give those cliche line like in those typical American movies.. "I'm 15 for god sake! give me a break!" Padahal 15 tahun tu macam alaahh..anai-anai lagi. But to me (don't know about u) I was a grown up lah. 

Sampai lah 20 tahun. (adding another 5 years) 20 tahun memang satu cabaran. Lagi-lagi ada angka 2 dekat depan. I'm used to number 1 for 19years. Tiba-tiba angka depan jadi 2. Rasa banyakkan? Rasa apa? tua... When I was 20, that's when I start to have all this freaky thoughts about this and that.. I question almost everything, I don't agree about almost everything either. I was the so called Ms-knows-it-all. Walaupun orang tak bagi the title, I title-kan sendiri. 

And as I observe, people who reach 25, dah mula fikir pasal kahwin and stuffs, about having a family, about buying a house, about getting a job with higher salary, about groceries, about whatever.. and become paranoid if they don't achieve those things in life. And adding another 5 years, their 30. So go figure lah, how those 30 year old people feel like. I don't want to assume, because I have not reach that age, I have not even reach 25. 

But, ironically, when they reach 40. Some said "life begins at 40" padahal dorang should rasa lagi tua kot kan? belagak muda konon. Haha. So yeah.. I just had to write about this. I have no idea why, I don't write much though. I have other commitments. My life now have just started. Adult world. Working life. Not fun as it seems though. But its a new experience to me and a whole new environment. Bed time 8.30pm. Best kan? 

I'm 22 and not trying to sound old. Hey, I just made a twiderrr account. I find it more useful actually. I'm out-dated, I know. Alright. Byes. 

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